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What have you all been making...part two...

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I think I may actually have enough.  Just sewing the blocks in strips now - and on the last one . . . where's that last block gone?  ARGHHH!  All counted and matched and one has gone awol!  But here is as far as I got when I was on retreat.  The pics don't do the colours any justice at all. 




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It's a lot easier than the last one I took.  I managed to get a decent sized lap top before I left, I've added bits since to make it bigger.  I think I need more practice at sewing bulky seams - my machine doesn't like keeping straight seams when I do those and I end up frogging a lot!  Rippit rippit!

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I'm having a go at knitting a jumper but because I hate sewing I'm having a go at knitting a jumper in the round from the neck down. So far I've done the yoke which fortunately already has the shape of a yoke. So far so good. I'm curious how the sleeves get knitted in. I found the pattern online and I don't like the sleeves which in the picture dangle loosely at the elbow. I figure it can't be difficult to just knit them longer and do a cuff?!?! 🤔

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1 hour ago, Plum said:

Wow it's amazing!  

Do you work with short lengths like willow weaving?  It must be so difficult.  Well done 🤩

No, I used long and fairly random lengths of 'rusted' wire from a roll. I used a technique that uses cable ties to secure things in the early stages. They are then removed and replaces with fine wire to secure any necessary areas. I never thought I could achieve something like this. I am creatively challenged!

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Wow, the wire chicken is amazing, you are very talented.   I have just been paper piecing xmas cards ( a first for me and I love it) table runners, triangular pouches and tissue holders for Xmas, oh and kitchen towel hangings with t towels and pot holders ( bought in America last week).  Also microwave bowl cozies.  My patchwork has gone out the window right now.

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12 hours ago, Luvachicken said:

I love your chicken Chucky Mama 👏

Very clever.

Did you get sore hands ?

I once made a tiny basket with willow withies and it made my hands really sore - haven't made another basket since 🙂

My fingers were quite sore by the end of it. It took the whole weekend!i should have worn gloves really.

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