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What have you all been making...part two...

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Finished one Pokemon ball cushion, one golden snitch cushion, one ordinary Pokemon character cushion and one ordinary Harry Potter cushion.  I am happy to say I'll never do another round cushion again - what a headache!  Not brilliant but I'm hoping they'll be thrilled!  

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Parkinnnnnnnnnnnn!  No baking yet, although OH has made a ham and it's really nice this year - last year it was sooo salty - seems there was an error in the recipe page!  Big error - and that time it wasn't his fault!

Baking is for tomorrow and wrapping pressies.

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This topic hasn’t been updated for a while but I hope it OK to share projects in it

The last crochet project I finished before my vision screwed up. 


My current crochet project that just needs a strap.. intend to finish it ASAP 


My last beading project that is almost done.  Just needs a clasp 


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Thanks everyone.  I’ve had 40 years of practice.  I love my crochet and find it very frustrating that I can’t see to do any at the moment.   The patterns aren’t mine.  The central 4.5ft of the throw is ‘Sophie’s Universe’ a free pattern on a blog.  I made up the outer part to extend it to 7ft. The bag is a free pattern from Michelle bags in FB.  Patterns from very talented designers 

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14 minutes ago, Cat tails said:

Lovely work!

I’ve seen the Sophie’s Universe on Ravelry.

Have you seen the new Lionbrand yarn: Off the hook? It’s a prefab yarn, that you use with your fingers. I imagine you could still use it with limited vision. http://www.lionbrand.com/off-the-hook-yarn.html

Yes I have and I probably could.  I have tons of normal yarn bought for projects planned for last year so i’m working towards crocheting by touch and have a strong magnifying lamp.  It’s the double vision that’s worst.  Will wear a patch to craft if I have to.  Just waiting for confirmation that wearing the patch and moving it from side to side won’t cause more problems. 


I din’t give In easily 😊

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Been making candles, for no other reason than we have a bucket full of wax bits; remnants of candles that won't burn properly because the wicks have disintegrated. This is something I've never tried before, so some trial and error occurred. Started with some free coloured glasses from a local supermarket; collect stickers with purchases until you have a card full to exchange. Next the wick. Ended up using brown string (from the shed) which draws the wax very well (too well really) but doesn't burn away so needs trimming. I may try the cotton string next? Next was melting the wax in a tin placed into a pan of boiling water. The wick was held to the bottom of the glass with a metal weight and the wax poured in. Problem was the amount of shrinkage of the wax pulled the wick down so it had to be tied up tight during cooling. Needed 3 fills to get the wax level at the top.

They burn OK and were basically free, so a good job for cold wet weather when gardening is impossible.

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Sounds good.  We neeeeeeed piccies!  😘

Been playing patchwork here - Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt - am totally doing different colours and a leader/ender by Wedding Dress Blue which I'm enjoying and using up old fabrics too, tidying (well I had to - my threads were walking all over the house!:oops:  Although I'm wearing most of them - they have stuck to my jumper better than velcro!:lol:  

So far this year - tempting it has been for sure with sales - I have not bought any fabric!

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I overdid it at the weekend and my body is punishing me.  As a result my vision is awful again.  Decided to put my feet up and crochet a scarf in bean stitch as I can do the stitch without looking.   Made lots of progress.  Supposed to be for my son who wanted a long wide scarf.  Think it might be as wide as he is.  He going through one of those growth spurts were he gets taller without getting wider. A skinny beanpole 😊



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Nice looking stitch and cosy scarf youre quick.

Vakkyrie practice what you preach wheres your progress pics?😂

Ive got the dreaded cold lurgy so dont feel like doing anything but i have made a fibonacci quilt.  An assortment of strips cut in the progression 1,1,2,3,5 etc sewn together not necessarily in that order then turned and sliced in those sizes and alternate strips turned 180°  and sewn together again .  Beginning to like it as i quilt it.


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My sister is just going through ivf and I want to make a crochet hungry caterpillar baby grow and hat that I’ve seen on the internet for when she (hopefully) has a baby. I haven’t crocheted since I was a child and can’t remember anything. Can any of you talented folk point me in the direction of some good online (preferably free) resources to learn?

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Bean stitch for a beanpole - perfect!:lol: In more ways than one - lovely!


Had a few lappy issues - wouldn't load pics from the mobile, but I won:

The Wedding Dress Blue leader ender - called Irish Stars.  Not done the mystery one yet, that's a bit here and there so nothing much to see at the moment.


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