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What have you all been making...part two...

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6 hours ago, soapdragon said:

How long does each one take, CT? I mean if you were going from picking up your crochet hook to putting the final stitch in having sew it together? Also how tall are they  -  its a bit hard to tell from the pics!

It depends on the project and if I have a week off or not. These take me around a day. Did the fox in one day, but prefer taking a day or two.

Sitting height is about 7,5 inch. Credits all go to this lady for making such great patterns though! https://jesshuff.com/category/amigurumi/

4 hours ago, mullethunter said:

I haven’t crocheted for ages now - I felt like it was giving me carpal tunnel so I think I’m probably holding the yarn wrong - I hold it with my left hand little finger

When crocheting a lot, my hands get quite stiff and sore too. I think I just hold the yarn between my thumb and forefinger, but it’s hard to guess, when not holding any work!

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I've finally finished the jacket I started back in April for my grandson. It took me forever, I'm so slow. The buttons are just decorative so they can take them off if they want. When his dad was little I made the postman pat and jess the cat for him. I managed to find the original pattern on amazon and thought it would be nice to make that for my grandson. That's going to take even longer I think. 



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1 hour ago, soapdragon said:

Does the fox (buttons)  have any specific significance, PL?

Yes, foxes generally are thought of as messengers for a shinto spirit and on the island of Hokkaido they are quite confidant and obvious. I'm not sure but I think people on Hokkaido quite like them. I did have some hedgehog buttons because the baby is called Harry and the Japanese for hedgehog 🦔 is hari nezumi, but I liked the foxes 🦊 more. The Japanese for fox is kitzune and the nezumi part of hari nezumi means mouse.....just in case you needed to know that. I forget all the useful Japanese I've learnt but I know animal words it seems! 

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I made this when we were on holiday in Cornwall last week.

It's the first time I've ever had a go.

I quite like him but really hated all the little glass splinters I got - no one else seemed to get them.

I looked at how much kilns cost :shock: so not really a hobby to do at home, which is a shame.


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6 minutes ago, soapdragon said:

Well it looks amazing, as far as I am concerned! How did you make him?

Thank you soapdragon.

We were given a few minutes lesson on how to use the cutter.

I had to draw his body parts using a template, then you use a glass cutter to scratch over the pen lines and then pinched the glass with a tool like a tile cutter uses. I didn't like the creaking glass noise though. It was quite fiddly, especially his beak, comb and wattle.

You had to put it together yourself in the kiln, so if it was wrong it was down to you, then it got cooked and we picked it up later the next day.

I'd love to do it again - I'd have more of an idea of what to do and how to do it.

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