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What have you all been making...part two...

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Well Jeanette MacDonald has been in the oil bath for some time (well not total submersion) because the stop motion screw was stuck.  OH used a silicone jar opener and it worked!  So while the weather has been lousy, I've been continuing cleaning her. The amount of lint under the bobbin was disgusting - but protected her from rust! There were lots of different threads on the bobbin - including a thin nylon one in the middle of the others! After a bit of tweaking, she's up and running now with a super straight stitch, so I'm doing a Project Linus kit on her to get her back in the saddle - and me!





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 Not been online much recently sorry.  It’s been a rubbish year and I can’t wait for it to end.    Been filling my time with crafts when I can though I‘be struggled to finish anything.  Did finish this though and my photo of him has just been reposted by Stylecraft Yarns  






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I do find it relaxing, Plum, but mostly do it over the lighter, summer months. However, with enforced 'rest time' due to hip op coming up I am hoping to make a good start on the next one! They are not all big cushion sized; Cleopatra's Needle do some nice, smaller ones but a frame is really helpful to keep it in shape!

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I've finally found a craft that I feel excited about. I struggle with most crafts but this one is very forgiving. I made some tiny fairies for cracker type gifts and the rabbit and the dark angel for my black tree. We don't have a proper fairy for our tree and tried to think of something that might be peculiar to us. So the pipe cleaner skeleton should hopefully become a sumo wrestler fairy because we all love sumo. 




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