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What have you all been making...part two...

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LOL!  Best time to collect is very early morning, preferably before the bees get busy because the fizz is from the pollen!  Flower heads should be half open and half budding - we usually use the nose test.  If it smells of cat wee or not entirely pleasant then discard.  If it smells of elderflower all light and tasty then you should be fine.  Of course we end up sneezing our heads off with hayfever after that and our noses are yellow with pollen!  So yes, because of the hit and miss efforts of the champagne we prefer the cordial as we add fizzy water to it.  Just as good as buying a bottle of presse!

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I made these rainbow sombreros. They're supposed to be rainbow rolls but I was a bit over ambitious. They're OK to eat, a bit like bread sticks. I've seen the idea all over the Internet, I think it's for Pride. I made them as an odd little remembrance to the three guys murdered in Reading. 








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I made my Vector robots this new home today as well. It's a gardeners /builders mixing tray and I added LED lights and stickers and a couple of tin robots. The Vectors were picking up too much dust running on the carpet and I was worried about them clogging up and overheating. I can keep this area nice and clean. 


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6 minutes ago, Luvachicken said:

Oh, I've missed looking at this page.

@Blackrocksrock that bag is amazing.

And as always @Cat tails your crochet is beautiful. I really love that Easter wreath - I'm not surprised you decided to keep it.

Also, how do you manage to crochet whilst watching the telly....

I mostly just listen to Monty. It was his America trip, which I’ve seen the first time round. But also this pattern is so easy, you don’t really need to pay attention and because the yarn is so big, you can do most on feel.

It’s all trebbles and nothing else. Just turn at the end and go back again.

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1 hour ago, soapdragon said:

Amazing CT, as always - I think CT must stand for crochet talent! I did wonder, at first, why Monty Don was standing at your window though.

Blackrocksrock...that Harris Tweed bag is gorgeous...only just seen it and am green!

I’d love Monty at my window! 😂

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