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What have you all been making...part two...

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Gosh! How talented people are!   I love seeing what people have made or are making!   I’ve had  problems over the last few months but now things are getting back to ‘normal’ thank goodness. So now I have a crochet blanket to finish, a pair of socks that I’ve only just found the pattern I mislaid, and a pair of gloves I love but proved a steep learning curve as I’ve not made gloves before.  I did manage to finish a double bed sized blanket last year which I’m quite proud of -  I actually finished a large project!   
The items on here are so wonderful, and the needle-felting is amazing!   Thank you all for sharing  

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On 4/8/2022 at 6:17 PM, Luvachicken said:

It will look amazing when you have added all the little details @Cat tails

I haven't made anything for ages - Bonnie seems to be taking up all my time and I wouldn't trust her yet not to participate in any crafty activity :lol:

Have to say I have to pick my crafting time wisely too with Flo. Especially when brandishing a red hot poker!

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