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Ridiculous egg!

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I know! I'm curious if their will be an egg yolk in their :think:


On the little more serious note... Ginger has been laying softies on and off for a few weeks now. Have tried most things: wormed them, more grit, crushed eggshell, vitamines in their water, more broccoli (contains quite a lot of calcium) and then this...

I'm slightly at a loss... Especially since the middle egg (Cinnamons) has something weird going on too.

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I have 2 new girls both same age I was told but I suspect as breeds are different their eggs are different. Today I got 2 the same size of your little egg. I think they are from the same hen as other days like yesterday I got 1 big from other girl (about size of the medium one) and 2 little ones. My old hen is laying softies with brittle shells. I have only ever once had 2 eggs from same hen in same day. And they seem to be double yolks :D I am not complaining as we had egg famine for yonks. Just very puzzled - Six eggs from 1 hen over 3 days. I am sure it will settle. Cock up in egg manufacturing plant me thinks. :shock:

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