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Tentatively looking at selling my Beehaus

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I have been beekeeping the last couple of years, and discovered last year that I am actually allergic to bees (found out the hard way after one got in my suit, stung my face and I ended up in hospital! It means that since then I have pretty much left them to their own devices, at least feeling that if Im proving them with a home I'm helping british bees, they have swarmed a few times and the hive seems very active. However I have recently found that my 1 year old son is also allergic to bee stings (perhaps because I was stung during my pregnancy?!?) now I really feel reluctant to keep them in my garden now as I feel its too much of a risk.


So Im looking to see if anyone might be interested in my hive and all my kit? Not sure yet if will sell it complete with bees, or get them relocated first. If anyone has any ideas where might be best to advertise, or is interested themselves please let me know.

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I realise you've still not quite decided, obviously you can advertise it here in the 'For Sale' section although we'd usually put it into the 'Eglus and Cubes For Sale' section. If you decide to do that, it would probably help if you put an approximate location and price.


Does your local beekeeping group have a 'For Sale' board? It would be worth just contacting them, if you're not already in touch with them, to see if they know anyone who's interested. However you may find that the majority of their members have traditional WBC or National hives and don't want to start using a different type.


My view is that you may do better on eBay just because it's a wide audience and if someone Googles 'Beehaus' then the eBay listing should come up in the search results.


Just a thought - one of our members is having desensitisation therapy at the moment, as she wants to go on keeping bees. It's available on the NHS, her GP referred her to a hospital for it. True allergy (rather than just a bad reaction) to bee stings is very rare but obviously not something you want to risk. Unfortunately even if you give up beekeeping there's no guarantee that you or your son won't be stung by a bee somewhere else. It might be worth tackling that problem before you decide to give up the Beehaus.

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