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Outside space is not a problem as the WIR can take 5 it's just that I am down to one hen who is now 5 years old and still lays the odd egg now and again she looks in good health but who knows ?? Like to have 4 but don't want to get 3 and go have to buy and introduce 1 more at a later time

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I have a cube, a classic and another grey plastic coop about the size of the classic. Currently no one goes into the grey one at night - and there are 14 piled into the cube - 3 of those are bantams and 1 is a large cochin. Much to my annoyance the nest box is used as a bedroom :x At one stage my 6 ex batts were also all piling into the classic - they had other options but for whatever reason they all chose the classic. Currently my 2 new cochins have the classic to themselves but on occasion a ex batt will decide to have a sleepover. Mine do have a large area during the day to free range in so I am not too worried about the overcrowding at night - it seems to be their choice.

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