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New chicken, tail down blinking

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What most here use is Flubenvet. A powder that is added to the pellets for a week every 3 to 6 months, depending on who you'd ask. You can also buy premedicated pellets from Mariages. Flubenvet doesn't have an egg withdrawal period.


I have no experience with it, as it is not available in the Netherlands. I have used a liquid wormer before, which worked well, but does have a withdrawal period.

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hmm so pixiedust says not to used ivermicin as it is linked to dodgy stuff, and verm x doesn't work or may not work, is there anything else that works or is safe for chickens and doesn't make eggs toxic?


Also how often do you guys do the worming?


thanks :)



I agree with catstail..I'm sure flubenvet is the only effective wormer, if your reluctant to worm then send a poop sample to "redfords poultry" or the like, if your girls don't have a worm burden then happy days but if they do then flubenvet I'd the only thing I'm afraid. I worm every 3/4 months regardless using flubervet and no treats during worming week. There is no egg withdrawal when worming.


As for the ivermectin, I do and have used it regularly as do many people on this forum there is a week/two week egg withdrawal period as there is a slight possibility of whoever consumes the eggs having an allergy to the ivermectin, it doesn't mean it poisons the eggs or the hen but you will have to read all the information available and then make an informed decision, the benefits of it for me FAR outweigh the negatives.

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You will find that hosing the poo into the lawn will kill the grass very quickly Orchardchick. The only way to get rid of it is to pick it up, or as much as possible. I use one of those dustpans and brushes on a stick to save bending too much. I think they call them foyer sets? The poo then goes onto the compost heap for two years, by which time it is crumby, worm free, odourless and makes fantastic fertiliser for veg as it is very high in Nitrogen. Some Councils won't allow chicken poo in the compost bin for whatever reason?

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This chicken keeping malarky is a worrying experience!

On of the chickens is lifting her feet up to her chest each time she steps/walks.

More pronounced in the morning and seems to wear off after a couple of hours.


I have checked to see if the mites are still there, but a thorough check showed none on her or in the coup.

I checked for bumble foot, her feet look perfect and clean

No scaley leg

Checked her crop, seemed ok although I am not experienced at feeling crops (reason I checked the crop was because that is where she puts the back of her foot up to.

She is eating fine, infact she is the most tame and friendly and just comes running.

Could it be worms? I have just got her and she is only 16 weeks so would have thought worms couldn't be a problem that quickly?


I did a search on the internet and it suggested Mareks, but I assumed that is something that all hybrids are vaccinated for. Also the fact that she does it in the morning and then it wears off is strange. Worry worry worry :-(


Any ideas omletters?



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