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picked this motley crew up on the 28th june from storrs poultry in sheff/barnsley










so 1 sussex a black rock 1 amber star and a columbian black tail the black rock is now laying so well impressed dont know if anybody else has purchased any hens from there as they were only £12.00 each very reasonable i thought as i have still got 1 of my original hens who is now 5 so i thought i had better buy some more but went to a different supplier as Martha has out lived 5 hens that i got from hinchcliffes at hudds may be just bad luck who knows they all settled in very well apart from the first 2 nights i had to give them helping hand in going to bed


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What a lovely mixture of girls :D:D


The Sussex is like my Ivory who was mad mad mad and had a liking for going broody.


The Amber Link is like Latte who was a star one of the friendliest chooks I have had, laid loads of eggs but was slow to start laying and lived a long life out lived all the others I bought at the same time.


Enjoy them.




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dont know if anybody has bought from storrs poultry at sheff/barnsley before but if you are thinking about it just drop them an e-mail or ring them to let them know you intend on turning up i have not seen anybody on the forum recommend them but after looking at their website i thought i would give them a go and up to press all okay

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