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The Dogmother

A pigeon called Stuck!

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A young family living a few doors along are in the habit of finding stray/abandoned animals and bringing them to me; at the weekend they texted me to say that a pigeon had fallen down one of their chimneys and was stuck behind the grating on their disused chimney breast. I advised them to unscrew the grating and get it out.... what they really wanted was for me to go round and get it out for them, but I was really busy at the time.


This evening was the first time that I got to go round; the Pigeon called Stuck (their kids had named it, and been feeding it water and seeds) was in a tiny space behind a 6" x 4" gap in the brickwork. I gloved up, lay down on my tummy and managed to get both hands in and found the feet (this reminded me of delivering lambs!) luckily it was a young wood pigeon, so I managed to squeeze it out through the gap. Apart from a few missing feathers and s"Ooops, word censored!"es on the leading edges of its wings, it was looking healthy so I released it.


I honestly thought that it might not be possible to get out live/in one piece! Kids are now devastated that their friend has gone :roll:


Hopefully notched up some karma on that one 8)

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