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Chicken deficient

Annoying chickens

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I recently decided to branch out and get some Speckled Sussex Bantams. I think they are unhinged though!


They absolutely will not sleep in a house.

My set up is a cube and a classic in a walk in run. Everybody gets locked into the walk in run at night. My existing flock sleep in the cube and the newbies have a choice of cube or classic - they were kept in the classic when they were babies, so they should be used to it.


But no. No matter how many times I try to convince them otherwise, they insist on roosting on top of the cube and make a disgusting mess pooing all over it. Every night. Even in torrential downpours.


I have spent weeks of each night picking them up and putting them into a house, to no avail.

If I am a bit late shutting them in the walk in run, then they roost on top of the run itself and then I can't even reach to get them down.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Help!


p.s. I've even been considering getting them another house, but it seems crazy when they have more than enough room

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I had this, I gave up and let them get in with it. Eventually mine moved into the house, I think it was when a couple of the older hens died.


I put up a perch - a narrow plank, one end rests on the Eglu table and the other end on a piece of wood driven into the floor, and they sleep on that. It's preferable to them sleeping on top of the Eglu, as you say, cleaning it was a pain.

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I have to post my girls into the eglus each night or they made an unholy racket early in the morning. Usually one of them (not always the same one) will decide to go into an eglu on their own (4 even did it one night) but they never seem to all want to go in of their own accord.


I've just resigned myself to the nightly routine (at least I get a cuddle, even if they're a bit reluctant!)


Could you fashion something over the cube so they can't poo all over it? Garden canes at different angles or something?

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