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Introducing my new 3 ex-bats (names to be decided)

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Introducing my new 3 ex-bats (names to be decided) - day 4 with us.


Most feather loss seems to be around base of tails - as seen on right hand hen below.




Tails are a bit sp"Ooops, word censored!"




Wings are also a bit tatty




but they're pretty settled already (this is number 3 in pecking order)




(this is number 2 in pecking order)



This one likes standing on one leg (doesn't seem anything wrong with either leg)(this is number 1 in pecking order)




Camera shy (not!)


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Oh they are truly lucky girls and they look like they have settled right in. You've landed on your feet there girls.

I don't want to sound patronising but I'm so humbled by all the lovely people that take on these scruffy girls and give them a chance to shine :clap:

Well done Leicester_H

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