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Ducklings with mummy duck?

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Our black East Indian duck Barbara has managed to hatch 5 ducklings. We also have a couple of campbells and it looks like we have 3 campbells and 2 black East Indian ducklings. They are currently in a house separated from the other ducks and all going well so far. I have been googling bits and pieces but most of the advice relates to looking after ducklings hatched in an incubator and brooded indoors. Does anyone have any advice for this situation? In particular how old should they be when we introduce to the other ducks? I have to confess one of them escaped from there pen at 2 days old (pen now re-designed). Luckily I caught it quickly and returned to mum, but the other ducks hadn't attacked it, if anything they seemed a bit scared by it! We do have one drake, the daddy!

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