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At Christmas I often by Jacob's Cheese Footballs


They seem only to be sold around Christmas.

Many years ago, I could buy the same sort of thing in a finger shape (say 1cm diameter, 10cm long) all year round.

Any one know if the finger versions are still available (google hasn't helped, so far) and if so, where ?



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Sounds like something that dear old Woollies would have stocked :think: I wonder about Poundland or similar....I have to steer my boys away from the numerous interesting snacks whenever we go in (ES ADORES Poundland for all the computer bits and bobs so we always have to go in if near one!)


We need to go to Cowley tomorrow to get YS new cycle helmet in Halfords and there is a PL there so will pop in and check...how many shall I get if they have them :lol:

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