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chicken trials and tribulations

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I have had a bit of a bad time with my chickens in the last few months. Firstly my lovely Pekin cockerel Percy Proudfoot had to be PTS as he was very poorly. I then sourced another cockerel but unfortunately he was a really loud and persistent crower much louder than Percy and my nearest neighbour came round and said her husband was going to slit his throat. I had to let him go and luckily a friend who lived nearby who has lots of chickens and cockerels gave him a new home.

Then last week after all freeranging together and pootling around quite happily, my lovely Polish Frizzle Chicken Little decided to go off on an adventure. My neighbour saw her in a field around the corner from us. Three of us went to try and get her back but she ran under a hedge and into a field full of cows and calves which we couldn't enter. A cow chased her across the field and she went through another hedge and through into a dry dyke which was six foot high in nettles. We searched up and down the adjoining field and the dyke but could find no sight or sound of her. Went back 4 times over the next few hours but she had completely disappeared.


I am now left with 3 bantams - 2 Wyandottes and a Lavender Pekin. What I would like advice on is - if I got a couple of full sized chickens - could I put them straight in with these girls do you think? I haven't got the space or housing to keep them separate so thought if I get 2 rather than 1 would they bee bullied by the bantams or would they be able to integrate?

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Hi i have put 2 batams with 3 hybirds that were less than a year old as my grandad was illl.i just put them in late at night and never had a problem.i have done this with the last 2 flocks.but third time didnt work had to keep them apart in the day was horrid.took bout four weeks to sort but they all happy now and love there new wir.hope this helps.if you buy young ones mayebe better pol

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I know some people advocate putting them in at night straight away but I wouldn't recommend this. You should keep them apart within sight of each other for a few weeks at least and you would need an quarantine period anyway to make sure your new girls are fit and well. a sectioned off area of the enclosure/run would do as long as they had enough room otherwise maybe look into hiring an eglu/run for the intro periods??

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