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Vet School update

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I've finally finished and passed all my exams for my first year at Vet School! :D


It's officially 3rd year as I'm on the post-BSc course which squeezes the first three years into one, so I'll be starting 4th year in a few weeks time - it's meant to be the toughest with lots of big subjects, so while I'm looking forward to the content, I'm not looking forward to those exams!




There are loads of pictures and stories on my Vet Student Journey blog and Uni have just had

done about the course. Edited by Guest
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Congratulations, my eldest is just about to start her A levels and has changed from engineering to Biology which she finds challenging because she is now hoping to do a BSc in animal husbandry and welfare so have followed your journey through right from school.well done you have worked hard to get where you are.

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So I said my second year would be the toughest year and it really was!

Late last summer I had two big exams left and basically had to prioritise so I left Parasitology as it was the biggest and chose to resit it this year. There were 9 of us who did the same out of about 50.


This year my timetable was reduced because I had three subjects from 4th year and could do half of 5th year 'early' and have really made the most of it! I travelled to Krakow in September, went to two international falconry meets, had 5 weeks at home for Christmas and 3 weeks at Easter (which is unheard of!) plus a week of skiing and also went to three conferences this semester.


I took optional classes in stomatology (dentistry) and ultrasound and went on lots of the 5th years trips as well so I'm ahead of my new class in terms of practical skills and now I've got all my exams done so I head home for summer tomorrow.


Originally when I thought about failing the year and leaving my class behind I was dreading it but it's worked out so well and I've met loads of new people as a result of it. I've never been massively academic but I make up for it practically and this year has really helped with that.


Just two years to go!

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What an incredible journey you are on Lewis! I so admire your courage to go to another country to follow your dream clearly all the hard work and study have paid off (not sure about those trousers in the last shot though - bit vivid, M'dear! 8) )


Hope you have a wonderful summer - you deserve a break after all that nose-to-the-grindstone stuff!

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I drove up the M40 this morning early from 8A to Bicester Village (more fool me...only went for some birthday presents hideous at 10 am!) and saw a big billboard for the Countryfile Live at Blenheim - are you going again, Lewis? Anyone else planning on being there?

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