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My new puppy

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I have split this from ( Lost my mate :( as seeing that title makes me sad :(


Well, I have a puppy. Drove for a total of 10 hours but I think she is worth it (had my reservations at 3am!). Couldn't find a suitable 8-9 week old rescue puppy for love nor money which I would like to have done but I now have a non rescue match for our family and she is called Hattie (I can't tell you how much hassle naming her was :wall: ). We have had a few moments watching her play with some of Scally's old toys and there has been the odd name mistake but we are happy to have her.


VIDEO of Hattie

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Thanks all :D Hattie is settling well and is a very sweet and makes us smile a lot. She is the eternal optimist and is still hopeful that the chickens will play with her, she will be allowed upstairs and that there are more toys in the bottom of the toy box and all that she needs to do is get in and dig! She is now 12 weeks old and has still not grown into her paws :lol:




Below are some recent videos



Brekkie Time


Don't Mess with Patricia


No, we still don't like you!




Why is the box always more fun?!

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Thanks, she is so sweet! Here are another couple of videos. The first is some distance control and the second is a trick I taught her for the last of her puppy classes when we were told to teach them a trick. She still desperately tries to get the chickens to play every day and they still beat her up...every day :lol: Not bad for 15 weeks!





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