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Newbie questions.

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Hi there we are just in the process of getting set up for chickens. Have ordered a cube and run and have wood chips to put inside the run from flytes so fancy and a large tarp to cover the run to keep things nice and dry.


My question is we have also ordered some Omlet netting to make a free range area for the chickens to be able to use in the day, as this will be uncovered what's the best thing to put on the floor? It's currently just soil :)


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Just soil will be fine, although they would prefer grass or even better a vegetable plot. We also use Omlet netting which is great to move around as necessary and does contain the chickens, but be aware that it offers no predator protection whatsoever. You need to be sure the area is secure if you let them out because foxes are always a risk, even in daytime.

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Welcome to the forum :D . I use Omlet netting to contain my girls in their free range area and it works really well. They just have soil and are very happy scratching about it that. It's quite a small area so I do dig it over periodically and sprinkle some powdered disinfectant down.


Brill thank you, I have bought some powdered disinfectant from flytes so fancy along with a whole host of other stuff! Just waiting for my link a bord to arrive and the cube tomorrow then I can start getting it all set up :)

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