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i lost the last 2 of my original 5 hens earlier this year - they were aged about 7 1/2 years, so sad to lose them - I guess the first ones were always going to feel special.


A few months on and it felt like time to restock and add a few new girls to my little group:


Winnie a blue lace Wyandotte bantam about 16 weeks


Gwennie a black lace Wyandotte bantam about 16 weeks


Annie 2 a light Sussex 24 weeks



Elsie A 16week Welsummer




Now back up to 8 hens. The 4 older ones are not best pleased to see some new arrivals but we've been through this enough times now to know that within a few weeks they will all be lively happily together - well fingers crossed it go smoothly :)

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Hi Sally

Congratulations on your new additions :D

Beautiful girls, although I have to say the 2 Wyandotte's are especially gorgeous. Never seen any like those at my local suppliers.

Always amazed by the variety of birds, I've promised myself a few new additions in the spring & I think I will try & source some of those Wyandotte....May have to spread my wings further afield!


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