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The Weather Thread #9

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Don’t get me wrong, we desperately needed the rain, but I’ve so loved the hot weather (in Cornwall we’ve topped out at mid to high 20s rather than the 30s some of you have had) and I’ve been cold at work twice this week, and then today has just been a miserable day. Max temp 16, damp or wet and howling windy all afternoon. Bring back the summer please!

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My daughter is like you Mullethunter. She thrives in the heat, even the hottest days here didn't seem to bother her. As for me, I'm loving the cool air. Like Soapie I'm busier and more productive. I'm a bit worried about subsidence. There's no sign of that yet on the house but there are deep cracks in the garden soil and it happens quite a lot around here. Last time it happened our neighbours had three large trees cut down so that should make a difference. 

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