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The Weather Thread #9

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That's a great photo @mullethunter and it's so green!

Talking of temperature changes, earlier in the week Biarritz (Far Southwest) went from 42.9C to 23C in a few minutes.

It has occurred to me that I can't leave the debris netting over the tomatoes because they can't be pollinated. So I'll haver to take the risk of hail damage and take it off until Sunday, which is forecast at the moment to be a terrible day.

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Lovely photo MT.  You can tell we are starved of green!  At least I am surrounded by evergreen trees, but at ground level it is all a shade of gold (or brown).  Your landscape looks like a lush tropical paradise!  And what an unusual rainbow, was Monday a lovely day?

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On 6/21/2022 at 9:46 PM, mullethunter said:

Nothing like your extremes, but last Saturday the temperature went from 21 to 12 in half an hour as the weather changed. 

DD and I found that drop in temperature extremely cold - we still had our shorts on and it was freezing when we took Bonnie out.

I watched the rain fall yesterday thinking how exciting it was to actually see some rain and watch it on my weather station only to see that it was actually only 5mm altogether - not an awful lot really, but better than nothing.

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