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Advice for prospective owner

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Hi all,


I've been considering getting some hens for a while now, but have been put off for a number of reasons. Now though, having seen the Omlet Cube, I'm rethinking. So, apologies if the answers to all of the following questions have already been asked, but here goes:


1. Foxes

We have a fox den behind a shed. They come out at day and aren't particularly timid. There's no point in trying to move them on - they'll just be replaced. The trouble is, we work during the day and I'd want the hens to be in the run. How fox-proof is the run which comes with the Cube? Would the hens be terrified by a fox coming close, to the point it would affect their well-being?


2. Time

The hens would be in the run while we're at work, but at the weekends I'd put the fencing out to give them the run of the garden when we're around. Is this OK?


3. How much money do people spend on the upkeep of their hens once they've set up their run etc?


Thanks in advance!

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