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I'm taking advantage of the good weather to build the permanent base for my 3 x 2 lo-rise WIR with attached Eglu Go and run.


I planned and measured up this morning, then went and bought weed mesh and 55 450 x 450 paving slabs.


I stripped the turf back from the run area - I had a bit of help




Then levelled the area as best I could and lined with the mesh. Then topped the mesh with sand. Unfortunately I didn't have enough sand, so I've had to pause until tomorrow. Watch this space...

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After a very long hot bath on Saturday night, I carried on Sunday morning.


Bought sand which I then levelled (more or less) with a long but if wood, and laid the slabs. Then brushed sand into the joints.


What took much longer than I'd planned for was actually moving the run. I thought (don't know why) i'd be able to pick it up on my back in one piece and move it (think giant snail), but of course I couldn't, so had to dismantle it into three 1m sections, then move it and re-assemble it.


Anyway. It's now done (except I still have to build the platform for the Go and run...). Another long hot bath!




Oh, and I have to put some sort of kick board on...

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Haven't you been busy, looking good

I've used a mixture, green plastic lawn edging on the curved bits & old skirting on the straight runs - all secured with long tent pegs, only half buried. Though I find they still manage to kick bedding behind the boards & the way I've fixed them allows me to just slide them up to clean.

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Thanks Lewis. No the Go is now attached by its' run. Apart from the kickboard (and I think I'm going to go for your idea so thank you) and a larger cover it's now finished.




The girls miss having it on grass but I know it would have very quickly turned to mud over the winter so I'm pretty pleased with what I've done :D


(Girls absent from photo - they're under the hedge just out of shot to the right)

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