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Anyone play golf

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For reasons too complicated to explain here, I was wondering approx. how much it costs to pay golf regularly.


If you join a club and pay membership, do you also pay for each round of golf ?


Do councils (?) offer pay & play ?


Any info people happen to have would be interesting (don't go to too much trouble though)


Ta, H

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FIL plays golf.......belongs to a club in deepest Wiltshire which costs around £500 pa. Not sure if you have to pay per round but do consider the cost of the obligatory Pringle jumpers! I thought that was a myth but, having been to visit the clubhouse for drinks last time we saw them, everyone seems to wear them :lol:


Near us in Oxfordshire there is a 'pay as you play' course which is privately run....not sure how much per go but must be considerably cheaper and no obligation to don a specific woolie pullie 8)

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We aren't members of a club but just 'pay and play' on 9 hole courses wherever we fancy locally (Glos). Its roughly £10 to £15 for 9 holes but 18 will be more like double that. These are just basic courses mind you, so bigger clubs will be more than that again. There's an app called Tee off Times which you can get offers for cheaper rounds on loads of courses around the uk.

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