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Any one on the Forum make soap......having probs!

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I have just started making soap again (contains caustic soda so not something to have hanging around with small children in the house but now they are older..... :lol: ) and am having probs with crumbly bars (ooh, Mrs!) Just wanted to check if anyone on here makes or has made their own and, if so, when you cut it (ie; before or after curing.)


I did buy a silicone bar mould but will have to return it as some of the cell walls are 'bulgy' so the finished bars will be too :evil:


Have made 2 batches over the past week to give as Xmas presents but don't remember having this crumbling prob before :think:

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Slightly odd being the first post for me on a chicken keeping forum, but I have made CP soap before (currently got 4 batches curing). From your brief description, I am guessing that your measurements may have been a little out. It sounds like you have too much NaOH in your mix. Do you have any means of checking the pH of your soap?




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I made soap until about five years ago and one batch I made was very crumbly. I had used a recipe from a book. But I don't think I used enough liquid as I changed that part of the recipe. The soap was lovely, although a bit rough because of the crumbles. So, do you think the liquid part of your recipe was OK? Or maybe, due to the fats you used the soap hardened too much before you had a chance to cut it.


Did you use a recipe and if so did you check the amount of NaOH anyway according to the type of oil/fat you used? There are saponification tables online that tell you how much to use for each type of fat. It does vary and it is always worth checking to make sure the recipe is correct. I have always done a superfat of around 5%, that is, using a bit more oil or fat to cover if there is slightly too much lye.


I would like to start making soap again. Unfortunately my children were rather suspicious of my soap and would not use it, but my husband has always used it and I still have some left although the scent has disappeared by now!

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I think that I may have cut it too soon! I have decided to leave the rest for another couple of weeks but have also invested in a silicone mould so I can now make 8 bars at a time.....they turn out like magic. The supplier sent me another mould as the first was a bit mishapen! The tops are a bit lumpy but I cut off the lumpy bits and they were still soft enough to make up a reasonable sized ball of soap - all now curing.


Making soap this time round (rather than 10 years ago) has been made so easy by using a stick blender....3 mins stirring my honey soap rather than several hours tho the second, different, recipe took a couple of minutes longer.


I am making all this soap for teacher presents for Christmas so hoping its all cured by then....should be bang on 4 weeks for the last lot and 5 for the first. I have decided to rebatch the crumbly bits as you don't then have to cure again and can add diff oils...havn't done that before so should be interesting to see how it turns out as I have read that it can be a bit lumpy!


I only do ready written recipies as I am pants at calculating the amounts of diff oils and sodium hydroxide!

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