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16 in a Cube

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I have a cube, a classic and another plastic classic style coop. For whatever reason all but one of my birds have deiced to move into the cube. To say it is cosy is a bit of an understatement. There is usually at least 4 in the nest box. 4 of the birds are bantams but there are also 3 big, fluffy cochins as well as my hybrids and ex-batts! I have onle lone black silkie in another coop who seems quite happy in her isolation.


How many birds have people had crammed into their coops at a a time? Should I just leave them off - it's their choice!

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Flora tries to get in the nest box every night, that one thing I won't have! It's the hight of bag manners....pooping where you lay your eggs :shock:

So I have to take her out and thread her throughout the pop hole before I close for the night.

Faith roosts every night with her head in the nest box but her body hanging on to the devider between the cube and the nest box, silly girls

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