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I was not warned!

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Chickens really are addictive, aren't they? I genuinely did not know and my husband is struggling to keep me in check.

I just phoned the community farm to chat to their chicken guy about my broody and he told me they have Polish Frizzles for sale!?

I do NOT need any more comedy ornamental chickens! And I don't have 40quid to spare to buy a pair, and if I did, I'd really be hoping for some laying hens, so why am I so insanely tempted?!!

Polish frizzles!! Brilliant! But I mustn't!

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I started off with 3 hybrids in June 2013, sadly in October last year one of them died and I did not want just te two as thought that one may pick on the other so managed to persuade OH that I needed to get two more as its best to introduce two than one, hence stopping them picking on each other. I backed this theory up by showing him the chicken book he had bought me for the previous Christmas - he had no argument for it in black and white. I merrily lived with four up until two weeks ago when I saw a lady advertise a cube with occupants on the forum. Secretly wanted a cube for ages, I expected a firm no from the OH when I mentioned the cube and gently slipped into conversation that it came with house sitters but he told me to make an offer, to cut a long story short the lady accepted my offer and I am now the proud owners of 12 chooks in total ( well I have 11 as the OH is really taken by one of the bantams and he gets her out whenever he thinks I am not looking and gives her a cuddle).

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Not helpful at all!

Although, the upshot of the whole thing is that I told the Husband about the frizzles when he came home for lunch and the boys were all, "Pleeeeeeeease daddy can we have MORE chickens!" so I ticked them off for pestering and then mentioned that for the same price I could get two really good, big hybrids AND HE SAID WE SHOULD DO THAT INSTEAD!!!


So I contacted a chicken man near Usk and I'm going to pick a couple of new girls on Monday afternoon. Ahhhh, happy me! He's got all sorts of traditional laying strains so hopefully well get a couple of productive girls and then be complaining about having too many eggs in the spring (although, if you are a baker, surely there is no such thing as 'too many eggs? - I have one malaysian cake recipe that calls for 24 egg yolks...)

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