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I've created a Diva

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My Lavender Pekin Frizzle (Dazzle) has always been very special to me. She's a fantastic broody and a wonderful doting mum. After rearing moorhens for me this year, she was totally rejected by the rest of the chickens. She's lived in the stables for a while, but all she would do was hide, not even free range. It's so bad that the other girls literally try to kill her :( . Anyway she is now in an extremely large cage in the stable with a cat as a friend. I use a SAD lamp for extra light. She has a large covered cat litter tray as a nesting/sleeping box. I visit her throughout the day for a natter. However she has become really fussy about food. I've never been taken in by this before, but she really is insistent. Pellets are thrown around the cage. Mixed corn is eaten selectively. Fresh corn is ignored. I'm giving her a fresh bowl of feed every day with just a little in and she just picks out the bits she wants. Any ideas :doh:

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