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Anyone remember Mr H and Ninja?

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Hello, does anyone remember Mr H and Ninja, the pekin chicken he rescued? 2014 update here http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=98863


Mr H contacted me recently via my blog. Nonja is still doing well, but Mr H is in need of assistance.

He is lovely, cuddly and fit as a butchers dog, he still loves watching telly next to me in the evenings and spends more time in than out although the doors always open, I rescued a nest of hedgehog babies in the last month, a young swan who had been shot in November and had a 56 kg deer in the back seat of my car in October after a truck hit him but it seems I am the one in trouble now and need to rehome Ninja before going under the knife on Feb 11th




Yes I noticed they don't allow rehoming requests so I didn't know what to do I had a fall in December and although the broken arm healed quite quickly I now have a spinal fusion to look forward to, I will try on omlet but if you hear of anyone please get in touch


I know we don't allow rehoming requests for cockerels on this forum, but I wondered if it was OK to ask if anyone could offer a temporary home to one?


If not, Mods please delete the post.

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