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Steam press

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I can't believe that I am asking this, as I haven't used an iron (for ironing clothes, anyway) for more years than I care to remember.


I do occasionally iron fabric before embroidering, and I've suddenly got a fancy to buy a (second hand) steam press. Do you have any experience (good or bad) of using any brands? I've heard that Domena is very good.


I'm not looking for a hand held steamer, it's a table press thing that I want.


I will probably end up just using it for fabric, as I can't see why I'd start ironing clothes now. But I am getting old, and I know that people sometimes start to do strange things in their dotage, so if I am going to buy one I might as well get one that is good at clothes.


Thanks for any tips you can give.

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When you get one, I'll PM you my address :lol:


Sorry I have nothing constructive to add, but I am reminded that my best friend fell about laughing when she saw a can of spray starch in the cupboard, I bought one in a fit of enthusiasm approaching my 50th, despite never having owned one before. I am not known for ironing anything, and when I do it looks as though I haven't, even OH refuses to let me near any of his clothes. My BF gave me a wonderful birthday present whilst staying with us in Portugal - she ironed a tablecloth :D

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