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A little bantam...

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We found a little bantam out by the road and we took her home. We can't find her owners so we're keeping her. (She's lovely.) Anyway, as we already have chickens we need to introduce her to them at some point. We've introduced chickens into our existing flock a few times now so we've some experience of how that goes.


We know that we need another young hen or bantam to go with her so that we can introduce two of them to the larger flock else there's a chance they night kill her. She's so tiny. As it's January I'm not sure where I'm going to find young bantams or young hen chicks? Any ideas?


Would it best to get another bantam ? Should I get more than one? (Any excuse to get another feathered friend. :) )


I really don't know what to do for the best her and would love any advice you can offer.

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She's a girl... she laid a little egg on Tuesday, which was lovely. It made me believe that she was none the worse for her little adventure out in the open. However she survived for 2 or 3 days out there on her own I can't imagine. There's a fox walks down that track... there are two large boxers that live in the house at the bottom. Although, they are nice dogs and well cared for so perhaps they'd have ignored her even if they had spotted her.


She's excited to see us now and 'chucks' away when she spies banana. I'm quite hooked :) I think she's a pekin but if you think otherwise please let me know.


Thank you for all the advice.


This is her all dried out and befeathered...



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Thank you. It's good to know that she's definitely a pekin and yes we'll get her a Pekin friend (or 2 ... well they'll be a lot room to fill).


She does have feathery legs and she did lay a small cream coloured egg. It seemed quite large given the size of her. It's only been a few days but she already comes right up to the door to say hello so I'm hopeful of more cuddles in the future.


My big chooks will come and sit on your lap or the back of a garden chair. Pickwick would happily try and sit on your shoulder and I'm sure once she's settled she'll be a great little character to have around.

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