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Snowdrops !!!!

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Glad they seem chicken proof Chortle chook :D

But they certainly are not mouse proof in my garden !!

I had a beautiful bunch but all the flower buds have been nibbled off.

The same happened last year and I blamed the snails but it has been too cold for them this year.


I have managed to buy pots of some more so will get them planted and then when they start popping up next year will make a wire basket over the top to stop mousey getting in.

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Top tip of planting snowdrops: plant them when they are in bloom. Not as bulbs.


I once interviewed one of the best growers of bulbs in the Netherlands and she said this was the best way to guarantee them flowering next year and creating new bulbs.


Definitely the way to grow them.


My parents always by me clumps in newspaper from their local market for my birthday, but I forgot to ask for any this year. They also said they had gone up in price a lot which is a shame.

The ones I bought the other day were £1.99 which wasn't too bad as most garden centres are selling them for £3.99


MIL once bought loads of dry bulbs and planted them but I never did see any of them come up.

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My MIL was really cross - she gave me a clump of her geraniums and I found a spot for them. Up popped a few snowdrops - "I didn't give you those - they're mine!" Well they are mine now. Not only that , although the geraniums gave up the ghost a long time ago, the chickens have spread them around! :lol: For our 20th anniversary we went to visit a place not too far away that had one of the national collections of snowdrops. I can't remember where it was - I've tried to find it but came up with nada. So we came home with a few varieties. They are nice clumps now. 2 lots are quite tall for snowdrops.

Actually it was probably more like 10th anny!!! The snowdrops have been here a long time!

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dry snow drop bulbs can sit in the ground for ages before they start to grow. then if and when they do grow can take years to flower and multiply (naturalize) sadly the only spot in my garden were they thrived I lost when the kitchen extension was build best part of 30 years ago I've got the odd snowdrop on the front garden but they don't do well. my mate was given a clump of snowdrops by a fellow plot holder (plot holder was giving up) on the site he's on that must have been 200 or 300 bulbs that nearly all flowered every winter all he did was move them about 15 feet to his woodland area under a cherry tree that was 10 years ago they hardly flower now for 2 or 3 years no flowers at all

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How strange that they don't flower :?

I wonder if they are lacking something - although snowdrops don't actually need a lot.

Maybe they were buried too deep / not deep enough or perhaps they don't get enough shade ?

I think their just fussy the only spot they did any good for me was in full sun the odd few that I've got that flowered tis year have only flowered after the cold night we had last week even though the buds had burst 2 or 3 weeks ago these few were from 'dry' bulbs never had any luck with them in the green it's not as if bulbs don't do well in the front garden as I've got 100's of early blue crocus that have naturalized plus the later ones are now starting to spread again blue I did have a lot of grape hyacinth but their not flowering as good over the past couple of years the mini daffs have started to to naturalize and I've got a few good clumps of them in flower . my mate has other snowdrops in an around the same area that flower it's just that one clump that were moved that don't do well

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