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Meet my new best friend

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We have been struggling to get used to not having a doggy around since Tinker died and my little boy didn't understand what had happened to him and kept calling for him :(

It felt a bit soon to be thinking about getting another dog (I felt a bit guilty and callous to tell the truth :( ) but it seemed like the best thing to do.


So... we scoured the rescue centres to try and find a dog that would be fine with cats and a toddler, and finally found a terrier cross puppy from Many Tears. He was from an unwanted litter, he's 10 weeks old and is a JRT/Shih Tzu cross. He looks much more JRT though! He's been in foster care with lots of dogs and cats and had lots of contact with small children, so he was perfect. We had out home assessment on Saturday and then got the go ahead to go and collect him from Devon yesterday :dance:


He's adorable...

Meet Wilf!





I've got him booked in for puppy training starting next week- can't wait! He's a bright little thing so I think he's going to be easy to train.


We're smitten :D

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He's settled in so well and doing really well with toilet training :)


He's struggling at bedtime though. We've got him in the living room in our large dog crate that we normally use as a 'hospital cage'. He's got his bed in there, a toy and a chew, a toilet training pad and some water. I've used an adaptil spray on his bed too. He starts to panic as soon as we put him in and then yelps and barks all night long. I came down yesterday morning to find everything walnut whipped into a pile in the middle of the cage. He just hates being left alone.

The foster carer he was with, had his cage in her bedroom so it must have come as a bit of a shock to be downstairs on his own here. It's hard hearing him so distressed but I think we're just going to have to ride it out.

I did wonder if the cage might feel too big for him. Our last dogs cage wouldn't be large enough to fit in a training pad so I'm not sure what to do.

Has anybody got any handy tips for crate training a puppy?

I'm going to try leaving the radio on quietly tonight and see if that helps.

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If he wasn't used to a crate before, it will be a huge shock to him. You could start by getting him to go into it willingly during the day, to play or even just investigate. He needs to know it isn't a punishment him being on there, but his safe place, for peace and quiet. Once he realises that, he will be much happier to sleep in there. As long as family and visitors know the rule of leave pup alone when he goes to his crate, then he will feel much more secure. It will take a while to get him used to it. You could try popping him in it if he falls asleep elsewhere in the room, and see if he stays asleep in there?

All I have read about crate training is slow and steady works best, so don't rush, and he should come to accept it.

Some other things you could try are having the crate covered, so its a bit darker and more cosy, putting an item of clothing in there that you have worn, so he can smell you and feel more secure.

Hope these are of some help to you :D

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Thanks for your reply, that's really reassuring :)


I think we're doing most of those things, we've got a fleecy blanket covering the back, to and sides of the crate.

We've been putting him in for short spells whilst we're in the same room during the day and read something about feeding him in there(with the door open), so that he associates a pleasant thing with the crate. We throw a few treats in there for him to find now and then too, so he can have a bit of fun rooting about for them.


At bed time, I put some treats in his kong and leave radio 4 on very quietly. He's been better for the past couple of nights and only barks for about an hour and then goes to sleep. I feel really mean ignoring him but I know it's not going to help if we go in to reassure him. Hopefully he's starting to get used to it! :pray::)

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