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Hen announcing other hen's egg arrival!

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My Hen Jabba The Cluck ceased laying some months ago and there is evidence to suggest that her laying days are done and she is in now enjoying retirement.


I have spent two full days at home as I have a bad chest cold and was very surprised to hear her shriek and carry on whilst the two other flock members were nesting/laying today. Boy has she got some lungs on her....... I screamed down the stairs and out to the run thinking something was wrong or about to be very wrong, to find her squarking for England!


Is it normal for other hens to announce another ladies hard work ? :) Perhaps she is a little jealous?!?


Very glad that she calmed down quite quickly afterwards. If that was to continue my neighbours would not be happy!


Thx for your thoughts!

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Mine do this; as far as I can tell, Number 2 makes a noise if Number 1 is laying, and Number 1 makes a noise if both Number 2 and Number 3 have disappeared into the eglu together. I assumed they were just keeping in touch. Sadly, no one seems to think it's worth making a noise if it's just Number 3 that has disappeared in to lay...

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