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Dodgy crop problem.UPDATE operation done.

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Almost a year ago Gemma had a very full, wobbly crop and I rushed her straight to the vet.


I can't believe that the same has happened again this week end, except I haven't rushed to the vet and I haven't been told what to do.


I have been massaging her often but not much has changed.

Tonight she is in the broody cage in our dining room.

I have decided to keep her in there for 24 hours with just water and I think I'm just after some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing.

I didn't starve her last time and that's what I'm worried about.


I have read my post from last year but all I gained from that was to keep massaging her.


Any new advice would be greatly appreciated.

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What does it feel like inside? Does it smell when you open her beak?

I guess you need to work out if she has an impacted crop or sour crop as they require different treatments.


If what you did last time worked, try that and if not ring the vet for advice.

Good luck :)

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I had to work this morning so couldn't sort Gemma out until I got home later.

This morning though before I left I did see she was still doing head movements to clear her throat. I managed to give her a very quick massage but her crop seemed much the same as last night when I went to bed.

However, when I got in later today, her crop had gone down a lot.

I massaged her for 45 minutes and will do it again later this afternoon and then again in the evening (Gemma likes watching Emmerdale and Corrie :lol: ) Then hopefully either pop her back in with her friends tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.


Should I pop them all on some pellet porridge for the next couple of days ?

They are all already on Apple cider vinegar in their water - including Gemma.

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I would be tempted to give her a few soggy pellets tonight, put her in with the others to sleep, but then bring her back in tomorrow. Only because otherwise she might absolutely pig out if she has unrestricted access to food, but if you bring her in you can regulate how much she gets.


I don't have anything scientific to base this on so others may disagree.


Good luck. Poor old Gemma :(

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Have been massaging her again and can feel a really solid lump that I can move around :(

No matter how I move it, it stays the same.

I never noticed a solid lump last time - what I massaged eventually broke up.


What do I do ? :(

Will the lump disappear overnight ?

I'll be massaging her again a bit later.


Do you think it's still a good idea to give her a little bit of porridge for supper ?

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Thank you both :D


She had a little bit of runny porridge and another massage.

I have just put her to bed now and she seems quite content although I can still feel the lump.


I did manage to get the lump itself and tried to squish it but it is pretty hard.

I'm hoping it will go overnight but will give her some more massage tomorrow.


Fingers crossed it goes away :pray:

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How hard does the lump feel and how big is it? Rubbery or hard, size of a raspberry or grape?


If she has a hard lump I would restrict food until that's all that's in her crop and then try to work out what it is. Could be a foreign object that's blocking her crop as DM says.

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Have just been massaging her for just over an hour.

I hope I haven't made the poor thing sore.


The lump is kind of a firm rubber now rather than rock solid which is how it felt last night.

I think I have managed to squash it into a different shape so I think persevering with the massage is the way to go.

Sadly just as I think the lump has gone I find it hiding somewhere else :(

Then I struggle to remember if that's how it was a minute ago or if my imagination is playing tricks and telling me it is smaller.


Just making her a little bit of runny porridge and see how that goes down.

Still pooing although the one she just did was a bit watery.

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I don't have any further advice but still crossing my fingers.


The fact that the consistency of the lump seems to have changed suggests to me it's a mass of stuff which has compacted rather than a discrete object, so hopefully further massage might break it up. Don't know how much you can do though before it's too much.


Would a vet be able to get it out?

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Depending on whether it is still causing blockages, or is just 'there'. If it continues to cause problems, then I would massage it up and out of the crop/gullet.


Sadly I don't know what it is doing anymore :(


How do I massage it up and out :vom: ?

I have managed to move it enough that she tries to clear her throat - do I just keep pushing ?


The rest of her crop is nicely moveable and makes little squelchy noises.


Thinking I might take her to the vet tomorrow if nothing has changed.


Going to give her one more long massage tonight and then pop her back with her friends so she can be with them in the morning.

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If her crop is filling up during the day and emptying over night (you will need to feed her to test this) then I would be tempted to leave it and see how it goes. If you intend t massage it out of her crop, then you will need to get it out of the top of her crop, up her oesophagus and point her head down to get it out. This will be easier if her crop is full of liquid, BUT I wouldn't try it if you are unsure or if she looks to be distressed.


Remember that they don't have a gag reflex, so will strain to swallow it again, or shake their heads to get it out

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It hasn't been emptying overnight, and during the day, although she has only eaten a little bit, it makes her crop quite full.


I think I have squidged most of her food out but the hard lump still remains. No amount of massage seems to make any difference. It just moves around the crop, mysteriously hiding, and just changing shape to match my fingers.


I'm hoping the lump will magically disappear overnight.

She is back with her friends now so I'm hoping she will have a lovely sleep without my prodding fingers.

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