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Dodgy crop problem.UPDATE operation done.

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She's had a lovely day with her friends generally doing chicken things :D

Her crop is full right now and feels normal but I can still feel the lump inside.

I'm hoping that as today is her first full day with some food that maybe the lump might work its way out along with the food.

If it is overfull by the time I get back from work tomorrow and I can still feel the lump then we will definitely go to the vets - actually even if I can't feel the lump - and see what they say.


I found a chicken vet listed in Your Chickens that is not far from us, do I try them or stick to my usual vet who is always good ?

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Hubby took Gemma to the vets for me this morning with a description of what has been going on.

Apparently the vet did something and she produced a lot of very stinky sick :vom: which went everywhere.

He decided like me, that the lump needed something else so he operated on her crop a bit later.

The operation was a success in terms of emptying the crop but he said she was not out of the woods yet.


He was amazed at what was in there and I'd asked if he could keep it to show me when we picked her up.

It is disgusting :vom:

He warned me not to open the bag !!!

He reckoned it could have been there for a year :shock:

It looks like the contents of a hoover mixed with a bit of water.

I weighed it at 50 g :shock:


Poor little thing. No wonder I couldn't massage it out.

She has stitches so I just hope she doesn't get curious and try to nibble them.

She is sleeping at the moment and she has had some water but I was wondering if she should have any food yet, the nurse suggested pellet porridge but didn't say when ?


The vets are going to put her on their facebook page as an unusual pet :D

I hope she is feeling better soon.

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Sounds like you've got a great vet there. I really hope she gets better. How did she seem after the operation? Has she been awake?


We went to our usual vet - he is a star :D

She looks quite perky considering, although she hasn't moved from the spot I put her on.

I imagine she is quite sore - don't know if they get any painkillers ?


All the nurses were very excited about 'the pretty chicken'

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Glad to hear she is sorted and back home!


She may be a little sore but if they've said she can have pellet porridge the calories will help her recover. She may have had long acting antibiotics and pain relief.


Hope she stays that way! :)

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How is Gemma this afternoon?


Gemma is doing fine :D

She has had a little bit more pellet porridge today.

She has done plenty of poo :lol: so things must be working well.


I did manage to see her stitches and everything looked healthy enough.


We have had a lovely cuddle this afternoon and I think she was pleased not to be squished all over.

She seems to be back to her normal self :dance:


She has been very lucky to survive and although expensive it was definitely the right thing to do.


I was wondering how safe the Dengi chicken bedding actually is though - I have been giving it to them to play in.

The last sack I bought was quite chopped up but the new sack I opened recently was a lot longer so I'm wondering if that could have caused the problem.


I also gave them some apples and am worried that Gemma gorged on them and that may have caused it.

And can I give them the wrong grit ? Mine have very small grit - does the size of it matter ?


I'm feeling quite responsible that I caused her problem somehow :(

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I'm so pleased she's back to normal :D Do you have to keep her on her own while she has stitches?


I'm sure it's nothing you've done. Certainly nothing recent as the vet said it could have been there for a year.


I don't think it's completely necessary to have grit at all if they mainly eat pellets.

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Glad to hear she's doing well!


Too much apple I would have thought would cause sour crop rather than an impaction as I would expect it to ferment. As for grit I think most poultry grit is sized for adults unless specified otherwise, I had to go online to get 'growers' sized grit.


You say the vet gave you the blockage - can you identify the substance without opening the bag? :vom:


Whilst it's wise to review their living arrangements try not to blame yourself for this, sometimes things just happen.

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I'm not familiar with that bedding, but it's best to stick to summat short; i use Aubiose


Think I spelt the bedding wrong anyway - thinks it's more like Denghi Fresh Bed.

It is specially for chickens and smells nice but keeps flies away.


Jimnpaula what the vet gave me just looks like matted sludge.

I can definitely see bits of feather but the rest does look like mushed up pellets with what could be the bedding mixed in and kind of 'fusing' it together. As I said before, it looks like the contents of a hoover.


Have had a bit of an emergency at home with my Mum, who went into hospital yesterday afternoon, so have had no choice but to put Gemma back with the others this morning so we can visit later.


Thanks for all the reassurances that it is not my fault but when you can see they have no access to outside it does make me wonder if it was something I did xxx

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Well, a week on , and I think Gemma is Ok .

She still seems to have the odd bit of neck movement like she is clearing her throat but I haven't noticed her do it so much today.

Her stitches look good and I did give her a very gentle little massage yesterday just to make sure things felt all right.


I spoke to Dengie about their Fresh Bed bedding and they were very helpful but they said they couldn't be responsible for a chicken eating the bedding, but they are going to send me a refund on the 2 sacks that I have but now can't use.


I will now only ever use soil in their run and aubiose in their house.

Trouble is, I keep finding little bits of bedding turning up all over the place.

Fingers crossed she doesn't get a taste for the aubiose instead.

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