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Dodgy crop problem.UPDATE operation done.

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Poor you Luvachicken. I've been reading this but not posting. My big run has been straw all winter as it was so muddy. My other 2 runs are dirt and I occasionally put some straw pellets and biodri down. Don't think I'll be going back to wood chip, chopped straw or similar.


Sending my best wishes. Sonya :)

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Thanks Chickabee and Mollyripkim for the wishes for my Mum :D


I really liked the bedding. It had a beautiful smell and the chickens loved pecking around in it and when you threw treats into it, it took them a long time to find them because you just couldn't see them :lol:


Oh well, a big lesson learned and an expensive mistake to make.

I suppose some chickens just don't know what is good for them to eat.


Gemma is still doing clearing throat movements and then I noticed one of my lavenders do it too :(

I really hope maybe all chickens do that some of the time.


Was thinking I could buy them all some maggots ?

Do you think that is a good idea ?


Won't be able to keep an eye on them again today as back off down to Portsmouth.

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