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microwave advice?

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As Omleteers know absolutely everything.....

Having not bought a microwave oven for about 30 years, am not at all sure what I'm looking for. Any advice please? Especially brands to look for/avoid. And is there much difference between a £40 and a £140 appliance?

(I don't want it to be complex - I just want to press 'on' - I'm assuming expensive models are trickier to operate?)


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I went for looks rather than anything else. It's set in a closet with stainless steel doors, so went for the no button sleek look.


Just as a tip: look for one with a decent light in it. Mine has a very minimal light and because the door is very reflective, I can't see anything in the bloody thing, when it's on. Not very practical when trying to spy for over cooking milk and such.

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Ours is a Panasonic too. We downgraded from the all singing and dancing grill etc version and just have the push button one. Stainless steel and it's fine for what we use it for. Which apparently is quite little apart from reheating meals from our freezer. Or warming up tortillas. :lol:

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