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New girls! (With a pic!)

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Hi Minty give them time to settle in and then try hand feeding them every day around the same time. I used defrosted sweet corn or mealworms (£1 in poundland,cheapest I have found) They will need time to approach you but one will be brave and the rest will follow. If they are too timid try tossing some corn a little bit away and then reduce distance as they come closer.Any names yet?

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I shall get some photos tomorrow hopefully weather permitting. I really hope they like us! I keep popping outside every so often so they should get used to me. My 2 yr old already gave them part of her apple core. One is stubbornly refusing to get in the eglu with her friends. I hope she doesn't stay out in the run all night!

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I'm sure the last one will go in the house eventually.

One of mine always has to be the last one in - no idea why :roll:

All of mine have gone to bed now, you could always pop out in a bit to check where she is and pop her in yourself.

Your pekins will like you, do not worry about that :D

They do give the odd peck though so watch out.

Looking forward to the photos :D

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Lovely choice and great names :D


They will take a little while to settle in but soon start associating you with food and come running when they see you!

I usually whistle them all when they get treats so now when we go out and whistle they come running for food.

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