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Connect a Go Up to a cube run?

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Does anyone know if omlet do an adapter to allow a Go Up to be connected to the end of a cube run?

I am sure I saw different ends that fit a whole variety of different runs, maybe to connect to to the walk in, but I can't find them.

Basically I have two hens in a 5m cube train living separate to the main flock (housed in a wooden walk in with cube and an off shoot 1m GO UP. I would like to use the cubes for the main flock and the Go Up for my two hens, but keep the cube run for them.

Before I make my own adaptions, out of various spare bits I have I was hoping for a simple solution.

I either need an adapter to allow cube run to fit to the GO Up or one to fit the cube run to GO UP run adapter, any ideas???

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