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Measurement of eglu up run skirting/fox proof part

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Help please

If anyone could let me know how wide the run skirting bit, the bit that lies horizontal to grass on floor to prevent foxes digging Under and into run, that would be fantastic. We have a space we would like the eglu up to fit and would have to potentially cut the skirting a bit in these places so would like to know how much extra it adds each side!


Many thanks

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That's very helpful, thank you. So can I confirm that it adds about 42-44cm extra width to the run? I don't need it to be that much smaller so maybe in these areas I could trim it? I know it sounds crazy but I had my heart really set on the go up and we have a triangle shaped area that is perfect for chickens, dirt to scratch around in, sheltered, out of the way of children so they aren't scared or getting footballs kicked near them! This area though is too small by about 20cm so if I could trim it by that just near the back it would fit. No animal can get in anyway as there is a very old hedge one side so no digging room that side and the other side is a shed on a concrete base so again no room to fit. The rear would have the skirting left and the same for the front, both areas I can access. Many thanks

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If you are confident you don't need it, you can also leave it off on one side. You need some space at the back. At least a metre to get the drawers out.

Not sure if the size listed on the website for the run includes the skirting or not. Total width is about 145 cm I guess, that includes the skirting.

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