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Cleaning vent - advice required

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A newbie, Reggie, had a prolapse on Sunday and had it pecked by her so called friends. I followed advice I found here and stuffed her bits back inside with a bit of heamorrhoid cream and isolated her.


To my surprise she made it through the night and next day until I could get her to the vet for antibiotics. At first I had to force her even drink but she was well enough today for me to tackle the problem of very dirty knickers! The greasy cream and accumulated poo was really hard to get off her feathers and she still has a crust of it on the skin of her vent.


I have left it for now as she had had enough but would welcome any suggestions as to how to get this off.

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Agree it's 50:50 chance I think.

She seems to be straining to poo and this makes her rear pop out.

If she were eating more she'd have more poo to push against instead of the rabbit droppings she's making.


If you are passing Flecknoe I would welcome a second opinion.

Thanks Dogmother, I have PM you.

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Well, we are over a week on and Madam is still with us. She is much stronger and eating well, putting on weight and acting normally.

That's the good news, however she is still accumulating secretions around her derierre that do not look good.

No right activity either - a good thing, I think.

My problem is, will she ever be safe?

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Reggie pts today.

Brave little girl survived the initial trauma, put on weight and was so healthy she started to form eggs.

Unfortunately, her insides did not heal in a way that would let an egg out.


She was muched loved for the short period of time we knew her.



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