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Lost flora today

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What a year Im having!!!


I came back from holiday and collected my girls Sunday, I thought flora had lost a bit of weight so kept a close eye on her and today she felt very full around the tummy so we had a trip to the vets. She had egg peritonitis, I have been down the road of drawing fluid off the tummy, implants etc and I always said I wouldn't do again it so I had my girlie PTS today....she has had a lovely 18 months of freedom so sleep tight flora.....

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Thank you so much, always something to worry about isn't there!!

She had a lovely free range in the morning with the other girls but when she was sent able to flap up to the little wall she likes to sit on I knew she want right.

I know it was the best for her but my little flock is getting smaller and smaller:(


Time for some new ex-batts????

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Sorry you lost little Flora and glad you had time with her first after your hols and it was you who made the decision for her. 18 months I read is good for a little ex batt so guessing the 5 star accomm may have been to her liking?


Think a couple more ex batts may need to come and stay with you...... :)

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So sorry to hear about Flora, and I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of her eighteen months of being loved and cared for, and thoroughly spoiled.


Gavclojak, you know as well as I do, it's always time for more ex-batts :D. (I never claimed to be a good influence :lol:)



:))) we have a rehoming on the 4thJune....I may find some little sad gutless that need a new home :think:

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