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feather loss round neck amd head

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Hi need some advice please at first thought one of my girls were in moult but now think its something else... as three out of my six girls are loosing feathers on neck and head ive cleaned all the coop out not found any lice or mites, powder in the nest box then ive checked all my girls one at a time not found anything on them though so just covered them im total mite and lice powder just in case but cant find anything .. what could it be?.. never seen them like this had chickens for quite a few years ive watched them and no bulling either any advice please

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Mine have behaved all Winter but as soon as Spring comes the head pecking starts :(

Gemma is the main culprit as she is top but she has pecked Polly so she has no head or neck feathers. My 2 lavenders are also quite short in the feather region on their heads although this has been done by Polly.


I think this is probably the reason yours look like they do :(

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It's not unusual, and is probably habit forming as they do tend to copy form each other, and it may have started as a preening thing, and got a bit obsessive. Is it done as idle pulling, or more as part of aggressive chasing/pecking?


Firstly check that none of them has mites or lice, and use a spot-on to be sure (not licensed for use on poultry in the UK); they will peck at specks or mites on each other, and then this accelerates.


Spray a tiny amount of Nettex anti-feather pecking spray into a pot (glove up when you do this) and use a cotton bud to dot a tiny amount on the BACK of each head, away from the eyes and nostrils. Behind the comb is good. This should stop them in their tracks, but keep and eye out, and perhaps consider using bumpa bits for a while to break the habit.

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