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Why do cats yowl?

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A new cat has appeared, it looks a bit well fed to be feral. It keeps yowling, either in middle of night, loud enough to wake you up, or in broad daylight, like just now, for long enough to make me type this question! Anybody know?

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Yes, I agree it is probably on heat. Let us know if you find out any more about it! My cat was an older kitten when we got her, and after a month or so with us she started yowling - also rolling around as if in pain. I feared she must at least have a twisted bowel to give her so much discomfort. My son did some googling on the internet and wisely informed us that he suspected she was on heat! luckily we had not let her out at that stage. The neighbourhood toms were all waiting in the garden. She was fine after she had been "done" although she is still quite a vocal cat, bless her.

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