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How I have recycled my wedding dress

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As I am clearing out EVERYTHING before we move abroad, I decided that my 28 year old 1980's meringue of a wedding dress HAD TO GO :lol:

Now, this will not be to everyone's taste. I have had people say it is creepy & morbid, but I decided to donate it to Cherished Gowns, who turn the dress into little outfits for stillborn or babies who die soon after they are born to be buried in. Obviously these babies are often tiny & their parents struggle to find anything suitable for them to wear.

Cherished Gowns provide a hamper with little clothes & nappies in.

They are made by volunteers who take their own time to dismantle the gowns & make these tiny outfits.

As you can see, my dress was quite ornate & large, so they managed to get a lot of gowns from it :D


Here are my before & after photos.









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Wow - I have heard of this charity, and I think it's a really lovely idea - what I hadn't realised was that they would actually show you what they made from it. Those little gowns are absolutely beautiful, they must have some very talented seamstresses.


You've got a beautiful photo of yourself wearing the dress to remind you of that day, and what a much better use than to have it hanging in the wardrobe. I applaud you! :clap:

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That's a wonderful idea, I do like your wedding dress as it was and you look lovely in the wedding photo. Nice looking hubby too! The little dresses are beautiful as well. It has given me an idea of what to do with a little bridesmaid dress I was making for my eldest daughter's wedding but never finished it as she decided not to get married after all! I was thinking I'd finish it sometime and donate it to a Catholic church for some little girl's first Communion - but this is a wonderful way to use it. Cherished Gowns - I will look them up.

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