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On Monday we picked up and brought home with us the following:

1 Cochin x silver pencilled wyndotte "misty"

1 Buff Cochin "amber"

1 White Orpington "marshmellow"


Really enjoying them they seem to be settling in well now to await eggs the breeder seemed to think that marshmellow was laying and that misty shouldn't be to far away as her nest mates are. Will put up some pictures soon.

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Ok as promised some photos of the girls these were taken about 2 weeks ago they are a lot less scared of me these days and will often come right up to the door especially if they think I have some food for them. So far their favourites are chickweed, apples, a tonic mix (which has garlic powder, seaweed oats and sunflowers in it), and stale bran muffins.


No eggs as of yet the breeder thought that marshmellow was laying but none here yet perhaps they are still settling in. I am sure we will get some sometime.




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