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L Marques

When will my eggs hatch?

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Hi I've got Sheela sitting on eggs,silky eggs and it was yesterday exactly 3 weeks and today still no chicks.

Does anybody know anything about this?

This forum says its 18 days for bantams but I thought it was 3 weeks which has now been 21 days.

Do you think they are dead?

I'm devastated (hatch):((hatch)

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between 18 -21 days but I've had them go to 23-24 days for large fowl my smaller CLB crosses have hatch on day 18 but have also gone to day 26 on the odd hatch

but failed hatches do happen as do poor hatches I had 3 failed and 3 very poor ones last year the failure were brought in eggs the poor ones were from my own birds and fresh eggs to boot

I've already had one failed hatch this year plus one that the incubator quit on me and 1 drawn out hatch

but don't give up on them just yet I've had eggs start to hatch late on day 21 before now some time the broody doesn't start to incubate them straight away for what ever reason. I assume you've candled them and are they bantam silkies not large fowl ? LF are 21 days not counting the day you set them

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Hi,thanks for reply,no I have not candled them as I'm afraid it will mess things up,I thought you're not ment to touch the eggs the last three days.

They are silky bantams,I set the eggs on a Thursday evening so it was yesterday that it made it to exactly 3 weeks.

Me and my daughters were so excited about this as it would be the second hatch for us,last year the chicken abandoned the eggs so we never got any chicks,but this time Sheela done her job just right so it's really upsetting.

I don't want to get my hopes up yet but do you think we still have a chance then? (hatch)(hatch)

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are you sure that there aren't any chicks under her? if she's on lock down in the dark the chicks do tend to stay under mom plus if not all the eggs have hatched first time broodies will stay put some experienced ones will as well.

today (Saturday) is day 23 that makes it 5 days over for banty eggs personally I doubt they'll hatch now I'd lift her off and see what's under her if eggs then candle them

I candle on day 10 and day 18 for large fowl

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